3 years of Little Mix

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i don’t care i love it » capital cities (europe)

The City of Light; The Forum; The Old Smoke; The Eternal City; The Grey City; Venice of the North; The City of Violet Crown; The Whitestone
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"My favourite dance styles are New Style and Breaking, but everyone knows me as the kid with the hair who flips and gets thrown around - but I love that too!"

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There is nothing prettier than a city at 5 AM with its empty streets and cold wind

—(via gebeine)

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08.07.14 - Gillette Stadium, Boston

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New ‘If I Stay’ clip

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I’m not Tumblr Famous. I still smile when I gain a follower and get upset when I lose one. It makes me happy seeing that there are other people on my blog than just me and when someone reblogs something I posted it makes me feel warm inside. I love and appreciate all of my followers. Reblog if you do too.

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@littlemixofficial: Everyone needs a bum bum for a pillow ;)

"We’re not perfect. Any of us.
 We make mistakes, we screw up
 but then we forgive and move forward.”

- The Last Song (2010)

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